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Highland Blogs

If you’re not a resident of Highland County, but you find yourself longing to be here, we suggest you check out some of our local blogs!  Immerse yourself in the experiences people have here and the inspiration that comes from living in Virginia’s Sweet Spot. Check out any of these blogs to satisfy your need for serenity in a rural mountain town!

Highland County VA

In the remote mountains of western Virginia, there is a place… A place where you can see a little farther, breathe a little deeper, work more calmly, and relax more often. This privately-owned blog, “Highland County VA,” is devoted to that place – its community, its history, its attractions, its beauty, and its blessings.

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The Sweet Scoop

Keep up with all the current projects, happenings, and news in Highland County through this blog that covers topics, such as local business, tourism, economic development, and other good news.
* Please note this blog is no longer updated as of 2018 *

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See Highland County

Experience Highland County through the eyes (or lenses!) of a variety of local photographers, who take any chance to capture the beauty, charm, or serenity of Highland County. The blog’s tagline says it best: “For anyone who loves or longs for Highland County.

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This Sweet Life

Join Nancy Vance as she writes about farm life, historical homes and stops, the renovation of a family farmhouse, and all kinds of other experiences and adventures that come from living in Highland County.

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The Singing Farm Wife

When Ginny Neil started looking for her first teaching job, she had no idea it would lead her to the countryside and the life of her unrealized dreams. Coming from a middle class family that lived an easy distance away from most conveniences, Ginny began to worry when she started driving towards the very rural setting of Highland County for her very first job interview. She didn’t find a lot of people, traffic, or chain stores, but what she did find was a great life… that turned into a great story.

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Beauty Along the Road

This blog, written by local writer and photographer Annette Naber, is dedicated to the discovery of beauty in all its ordinary and extraordinary manifestations. May we all learn to become more present with what is inside of us and around us, the subtle nuances of experience, the savoring of simple pleasures, and the celebration of what makes us unique and life worth living.

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Life's A Dance

While this blog started as a digital journal of her clogging adventures, it has grown into a platform where Dorothy Stephenson records inspirational quotes, epiphanies, thoughts on life, travel stories, and other little interesting writings that are, in most part, encouraged from the peacefulness of her Highland County home.

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