Highland Tourism Council

The Highland Tourism Council works closely with the Highland County Chamber of Commerce on the goals and objectives set out in the Tourism Strategic Plan that was adopted by the Board of Supervisors in 2014. They advise on all marketing initiatives and funds allocated through the Transient Occupancy Tax from Highland County and Town of Monterey lodging facilities.

The five member Council is a subcommittee of the Economic Development Authority of Highland County. It is made up of five volunteers who represent various tourism interests in the county and consists of a member of the EDA or their designee, a member of the Chamber Board, a representative of the lodging businesses, and two members at large who represent tourism interests of the County.

The mission of the Council, as outlined in the Tourism Strategic Plan, is to stimulate targeted tourism initiatives that will promote economic development and population growth in Highland County while protecting and enriching the quality of life for its residents.

Dorothy Stephenson, Executive Director of the Highland Chamber of Commerce, also serves as Executive Director of the Tourism Council. The 2017 Council members include:

Gene Dever – Chair

Donna Bedwell – Secretary

Linda Holman – Treasurer

Sarah Collins Simmons

Tim Duff

The Highland Tourism Council meets on the 2nd Monday of each month at The Highland Center at 5:00 pm. Any member of the public who is interested in finding out more about the Council is welcome and encouraged to attend these monthly meetings.