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Highland Maple Festival > Sugar Facts

Pure maple syrup contains no preservatives, artificial flavoring or color.
Pure maple syrup is FAT FREE!
Unopened containers of maple syrup should be stored in a cool, dry place. It can also be frozen.
Store opened containers of syrup in the refrigerator or freezer.
Freezing nights and warm, sunny days make ideal weather conditions for harvesting sugar water.
A good tree will produce 20 quarts of "sugar water" in 12 hours.
It takes approximately 40 quarts of sugar water to make one quart of maple syrup.
Sugar water collected from maple trees is made up of approximately 98% water and 2% sugar.
Maple syrup is 33.5% water and 66.5% sugar.
Maple Syrup only has 40 calories per Tablespoon. Honey has 45, white sugar has 55 & corn sugar has 60.
Maple Syrup contain iron, potassium, magnesium & phosphorus - and has a higher calcium content that milk. it also contains small    amounts of amino acids, proteins & vitamins B2, B5 & niacin.
Tapping causes no permanent damage to the maple sugar tree.
Pure Maple Syrup is sold by shades of "amber."

Light Amber has a fine, delicate flavor.
Medium Amber has a richer flavor and is most frequently used as table syrup.
Dark Amber is used for cooking, or as a table syrup by those who prefer a strong maple flavor.

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