CRUSH FRIDAY in Highland County!

Did you know every year Americans leave about 662 million paid vacation days on the table? We said, PAID vacation days! What are you waiting for?!

Don’t take our word for it. Just look how much fun this guy is having in Highland County!

American workplace pressures have produced ideal conditions for the rise of the work martyr – workers who are too tied to their jobs to ever take a vacation day. However, taking a vacation – even just one day – can help employees be more productive and more creative.

This is why Highland County is proud to partner with the Virginia Tourism Corporation and other destinations throughout Virginia to encourage our American workers to slow down, take care a little break, CRUSH FRIDAY, and maybe even plan a three-day weekend trip.

Work martyrs are over-worked, stressed out, and in desperate need of a vacation day. We want to help! We want to reward you for your hard work and allow you to relax with our scenic beauty, motorcycle loops, scenic drives, local foods industry, relaxing cabins, our fun events, hiking trails, or biking opportunities. Highland County is an easy one to three hour drive from major cities, such as Charlottesville, Roanoke, Richmond, and Washington D.C. Your excuse to CRUSH FRIDAY is right here waiting!

Workaholics are less productive, more stressed, and less likely to earn a raise. So stop overworking yourself and start using a paid vacation day to Crush Friday in Highland County!


Ways to CRUSH FRIDAY in Highland County!


We greatly enjoyed welcoming our first Crush N’ Munch visitors! We had a great turn out, and we are looking forward to our next Crush N’ Munch event, which will take place during the Hands & Harvest Festival. Stay tuned for more details!





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